12- 18 Octobre 2018.


    Automne a Saint-Remy-de-Provence

  • La Belle Vie Yoga

    6 nights of all-inclusive creative luxury in France’s exquisite Provencal countryside!!

    Fall in the South of France

    Surrounded by the magnificent Alpilles, vineyards, olive farms and cultural landmarks, LA BELLE VIE YOGA RETREAT is an opportunity to welcome the change of season in the most rejuvenating and affirming fashion.


    Take a pause/ breathe/ immerse yourself in a heart-opening yoga practice, watch an inspirational sunrise or night sky, be energized by lovingly prepared meals, raise a glass of rosé or green juice to the majesty that is Provence, France.

  • Prices

    ​Truly all-inclusive. *

    * Tips are welcome.

    Single Occupancy Suite

    $3500 USD all taxes incl. // €3000 EUR TTC.

    Shared Double Occupancy Suite

    $3000 USD

    all taxes incl. // €2600 EUR TTC

    Day Only

    €125 euro *

    3 meals, all yoga + activities at Mas de

    l' Amarine on selected days.

    * by reservation min 24h in advance through Mas de l'Amarine : +33 4 90 94 47 82 / contact@mas-amarine.com


    ½ Day Only

    €50-65 euro *

    1 meal, all yoga + activities at Mas de

    l' Amarine on selected days.

    * by reservation min 24h in advance through Mas de l'Amarine : +33 4 90 94 47 82 / contact@mas-amarine.com


  • What is included


    Two heart opening yoga classes a day including energizing Vinyasa, deep relaxation and mediation, yoga to live music and a sound bath session. Joyful, deep, inspiring and life affirming. Our team of experienced teachers invite you all into a powerful and self-elevating practice surrounded by nature, art, history and the glorious provencal countryside.

    Accommodation and Meals

    6 nights at the magnificent hotel/ creative hub – Mas de l’Amarine (Shared and individual suites available).

    All produce locally-sourced. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.

    Unlimited snacks, cool drinks, herbal tea bar and lovely coffee.

    Alcohol (selection of wine, spirits, craft beer and ciders).

    Art + Wine Afternoon

    An afternoon wandering the peaceful Domaine of Henri Milan whilst sampling their lovely selections of wine. You will have the opportunity to spend time in a creative space where you can sketch the magnificent provencal landscape or write your intentions in your journal or simply sit and meditate. http://www.domaine-milan.com/home-2-2-2

    Dining Out!

    Including dinner at the charming village gem Chez Paulette in Eygalières

    and lunch at the Michelin star restaurant Le Chassagnette on the Camargue http://www.chassagnette.fr/en/ and a meal at Arles fantastic Chardon https://www.hellochardon.com

    All beverages included.


    Bicycles are available at Le Mas D'Amarine for trips around St Remy de Provence. You will also have the opportunity to wander the medieval streets of Arles - visit the Roman Coliseum , the world class Art Galleries and marvel at the abundant Arlesienne history and culture.

    Farm-to-table Provençal Cuisine

    French cuisine with a healthy twist. Alice Coloma and her team will oversee the creation and execution of a fabulous week of food and beverage. Creative cuisine with the emphasis on organic, seasonal, fresh and whole foods.

    Horse-riding and hiking the Camargue

    An afternoon on the Camargue will grant us the opportunity to have a once- in-a -life time ride on the magnificent white Camarguaise horses at the Manade Jacques Bon.

    If riding isn't your choice hiking around the grounds is equally as intoxicating. https://www.masdepeint.com/en/luxury-hotel-arles-camargue

  • Day Packages pour tous......

    A noter : Nous souhaitons partager ce magnifique programme avec toute notre communauté locale. Nous avons prévu des journées complètes ou des ½ journées auxquelles vous allez pouvoir vous inscrire. Repas/ yoga/ dégustation/ découverte. Venez redécouvrir ce lieu et notre région. Sabrina, Julia, Alice et Harriet vous attendent les bras ouverts. Rejoignez-nous !


    * JC = Journée Complete = 125€ inc. tous les cours de yoga, 3 repas, et activités

    ** ½ J=½ Journée = 50-65€ inc. 1 cours de yoga + 1 repas

    *** Weekend Complete (samedi-dimanche) = € 250 inc. tous les cours de yoga, repas, et activités + mini-soin Thai Massage 30m

    >> Yoga Only : cours standard 1h-1h30 = 15€ drop-in / 1 crédit forfait ; cours-ateliers 2h = 30€ drop-in / 2 crédits forfait (les forfaits de Yoga Saint-Rémy sont valable pour les cours et ateliers)


    Tous les Day Packages sont à reserver au moins 24h en avance auprès de Mas de l'Amarine : +33 4 90 94 47 82 / contact@mas-amarine.com


    Yoga et Diner

    vendredi 12 octobre

    @17:00-18:00 'Bienvenue'

    @18:15-19:30 Yoga doux avec musique live

    @20:00 Cocktails er diner pour tous au Cafe de la place, Saint-Remy

    € 50

    Jour Deux

    samedi 13 octobre

    @8:00-10:00 Café/ Thé/ Jus ainsi qu’un petit déjeuner léger.

    @8:30-9:45 Déplacement en vélo ou voiture à St Rémy de Provence pour la visite du marché du samedi.

    @10:00-12:00 Charmant Yoga pour tous avec Harriet

    @12:30-14:00 Brunch au Mas de l'Amarine

    @15:00-17:30 Visite historique/culturel des ruines romaines de Glanum/ Mausole Saint Paul avec Jane

    @18:00-20:00 Slow Flow Yoga avec Sabrina

    @20:30 Diner-soirée @ Mas de L’Amarine - DJ and Dancing


    *JC = €125

    ** ½ J= € 65

    Jour Trois

    dimanche 14 octobre

    @8:00-10:00 Café/ Thé/ Jus

    @8:30-9:30 Méditation en marchant

    @10:00- 12:00 Charmant Yoga avec Harriet et quatre mains w/ Elodie

    @12:00-14:00 Brunch au Mas de l'Amarine

    @14:30-16:00 - Hike

    @16:00 - 16:30 Tea/ Pause

    @16:30 -18:00 Yoga/ Art Atelier avec Stephanie

    @18:00-19:00 Slow Life Yoga avec Sabrina

    @19:45 Depart Eygaliéres

    @ 20:00 Dîner @ Chez Paulette - Eygalières


    *JC = €125

    ** ½ J= € 65

  • Jour Quatre

    lundi 15 octobre

    @8:00-9:00 Café/ Thé/ Jus/ déjeuner

    @9:00-10:30 Vinyasa Yoga dynamique avec Sabrina

    @11:00 Départ pour Arles

    @12:00-13:30 Visite du Musée Van Gogh accompagné d’un guide

    @13:30- 15:00 Déjeuner @ Le Chardon

    @15:00 -17:00 Temps libre autour de la ville médiéval d’Arles – Suggestion Arènes romaines/ Musée Reattu/ Théâtre antique/ Boutique/ Marche le long du Rhône.

    @17:00 Retour @ Le Mas de L'Amarine

    @17:30-18:30 Thé & Relaxation

    @18:30 - 19:30 Yin Yoga avec Sara

    @20:00 Super souper au Mas de L'Amarine

    *JC = €125

    ** ½ J= € 65

    Jour Cinq

    mardi 16 octobre

    @8:00-10:00 Café/ Thé/ Jus / Petit Déjeuner

    @8:30 -9:30 Option méditation en marchant

    @10h-12h Yoga dynamique avec Julia

    @12:00 - 14:00 Départ à pied pour une pique-nique et dégustation de vin sur une domaine vignoble bio

    @15:00- 17:00 Option soin personnel - massage/ energetique/ visage/ traitement capillaire – (à réserver en avance).

    @18:00 Départ pour Eyragues

    @18:30 - 20:00 Yoga Nidra avec André

    @20:30 Super souper au Mas de L'Amarine

    *JC = €125

    ** ½ J= € 65

    Jour Six

    mercredi 17 octobre

    @8:00-9:00 Café/ Thé/ Jus/ petit déjeuner

    @8:30 -9:30 Option méditation en marchant

    @9:30- 11:00 Yoga pour tous avec Harriet

    @11:30 Départ pour le Camargue

    @12:30-14:30 Déjeuner à La Chassagnette

    @14:45 -17:30 Promenade à cheval/ Marche/ Relaxation @ Manade Jacques Bon.

    @17:45 Retour @ Le Mas de L’Amarine

    @18:30-20:30 Slow Flow + Yin + Relaxation Sonore avec Valentina

    @20:30 Apéro dinatoire au Mas de l'Amarine


    ** ½ J= € 50 (yoga du soir + apéro dinatoire uniquement)


    Jour Sept

    jeudi 18 octobre

    @7:30-9:00 Café/ Thé / Jus

    @8:00- 9:00 Pratique du matin avec Harriet

    @9:00- 10:00 Petit Déjeuner d’adieu



    @10:00 - 11:30 Pratique avec Sabrina


  • Schedule

    Tea + coffee plus light snacks available from 8:00am onwards every day.

    Day 1

    Yogis arrive via airport transfers supplied from Marseille Airport or Avignon TGV to Mas de L'Amarine throughout the day.


    @17:00 - 18:00 'Bienvenue'

    @18:00 - 19:00 Soft Yoga Practice @ Mas de L’Amarine

    @19:30 Depart for Le Café de la Place - St Remy

    @19:30 - 21:30 Welcome aperitif and dinner

    Day 2

    @8:00-10:00 Coffee/ Tea/Juice and Light B/fast

    @8:30-9:45 Bike ride or drive into St Remy de Provence to visit the Saturday morning market

    @10:00-12:00 Lovely Yoga w/ Harriet + Elodie

    @12:30-14:30 Beautiful Lunch

    @15:00-17:30 - Historical Tour of Roman Ruins - Glanum and the amazing St Paul Asylum w/ Guide OR shopping in Centreville St Remy.

    @18:00-19:30 Soft Yoga Practice w/ Sabrina

    @20:30 Buffet Dinner @ Mas de L’ Amarine - DJ and Dancing - PARTY!!!


    Day 3

    @8:00-10:00 Coffee/ Tea/Juice and Light B/fast

    @8:30-9:30 Walking Meditation

    @10:00-11:30 Lovely Yoga w/ Harriet + Elodie

    @12:00-14:30 Lunch @ Mas de L’Amarine

    @14:00-16:00 Hike through the beautiful Alpilles mountains

    @16:00 -16:30 Tea and Pause

    @16:30 - 17:45 Life drawing w/ Stephanie

    @18:00 - 19:00 Slow Life Yoga w/ Emilie

    @19:30 Depart for Chez Paulette in Eygalières

    @20:00 Dinner @ Chez Paulette


    Day 4

    @8:00-10:00 Coffee/ Tea/Juice and Light B/fast

    @9:00 -10:30 Vinyasa Yoga w/Sabrina

    @11:00 Depart for Arles

    @12:00-13:30 Tour of Musée Van Gogh w/ guide

    @13:30- 15:00 Lunch @ Le Chardon

    @15:00 -17:00 Tour around the Medieval city of Arles w/ Guide tour of Roman Coliseum, Musée Reattu/Roman Amphitheater or shop/walk along Le Rhone.

    @17:00 Travel back Le Mas de L' Amarine

    @18:00-18:30 Tea+Relax

    @18:30 -19:30 Yin Yoga w/ Sara

    @20:00 Le Mas de L'Amarine - Community Dinner

    Day 5

    @8:00-10:00 Coffee/ Tea/Juice and Light B/fast

    @8:30-9:30 Walking Meditation

    @10:00-11:30 Morning Yoga w/Julia

    @12:00 - 14:30 Depart on foot to neighbouring organic vinyard. Sketch/ journal/ meditate/ stroll - light picnic and wine tasting.

    @15:00- 17:00 Optional personal treatment - massage/ energy/ facial/ hair treatment - to be booked in advance.

    @17:00 -18:00 Light tea and snack

    @18:10 Depart for Eyragues

    @18:30 - 20:00 Yoga Nidra w/ André

    @20:35 Light dinner @ Le Mas de L' Amarine

    Day 6

    @8:00-10:00 Coffee/ Tea/Juice and Light B/fast

    @8:30-9:30 Walking Meditation

    @9:30- 11:00 Yoga w/ Harriet

    @10:30-11:00 Morning Tea

    @11:30 Depart for le Camargue

    @12:30-14:30 Lunch at Le Chassagnette

    @14:45 -17:30 Riding horses/ walking/ relaxing Manade Jacques Bon

    @17:45 Return to Le Mas de L' Amarine

    @18:30-20:30 Slow Flow + Yin + Sound Healing w/ Valentina

    @20:30 Drinks + Light Dinner

    Day 7

    @7:30-9:00 Coffee/ Tea/Juice

    @8:00- 9:00 Morning Practice w/ Harriet

    @9:00- 10:00 Farewell Breakfast


    OPTIONAL : Class with Sabrina @ 10:00 - 11:30


    @ ALL MORNING Airport + TGV Transfers


  • About Us

    We love YOGA, we love LIFE , we love CREATING and we love our COMMUNITY…….


    We are a group of international yogis, entrepreneurs and changemakers who are constantly pushing the boundaries of our own expectations. Our goal is to bring together like-minded people from all over the planet to share the riches of the community, healthy living and culture.




    Alice, Julia, Harriet and Sabrina xx

    Harriet Spalding

    Founder, La Belle Vie

    Harriet, the founder of La Belle Vie Wellness and Cultural Programming, is an Australian/ American who has lived in and out of France for 12 years. Her passion for yoga/ community/culture and the arts has inspired her to bring all her worlds together to offer friends and guests a-like the chance to open their hearts, inhale Provence and energize the creative self.

    Julia Mitton

    Arles Yoga

    Julia is a Canadian-born francophile who has been living in France for 15 years. She opened Arles Yoga in the summer of 2016 and the studio has become a community hub for spreading joy, love and good energy! Also a restaurateur (owner of Chardon restaurant in Arles and La Mercerie in Marseille), Julia is passionate about food and wine and life!

    Sabrina Sadeghi-Millecamps

    Yoga Saint Remy

    An Aspen native transplanted to the south of France, Sabrina discovered yoga during her career as a competitive snowboarder on the US Snowboard Team. Founder of Yoga Saint Remy, she is passionate about connecting mind, body, and spirit across cultures while engaging the with nature and enjoying the good life. .

    Alice Coloma

    Mas de L' Amarine

    Alice and her husband Bernard have created a refined refuge nestled in the heart of Provence. Mas de L'Amarine offers the ultimate private getaway.They celebrate the art of 'positive luxury' as a better way of life. Their aim as hosts is to offer nothing less than an inspirational hospitality experience.